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  • Filtering ads, malware and tracking
  • No client request logging
  • No EDNS Client-Subnet
  • DNSSEC validation processing
  • CNAME cloaking prevention
  • Dynamic DNS service included
  • Free for private use after registration
  • PCI DSS / HIPA / NIST compliant encryption
  • TLS OCSP stapling and 0-rtt support
  • Average 30d service uptime: 96.701%


  • 2021/Oct/01 ‐ Fixed Let's Encrypt outdated cross-signed certificates by removing the obsolete trust anchor.
  • 2021/May/03 ‐ Changed server locations and IP addresses of phdns2 and phdns3. Old IPs will go offline soon.
  • 2021/Apr/29 ‐ Added new server located in Great Britain, Great Britain.
  • 2021/Apr/27 ‐ Added new server located in Spain, Spain.
  • 2020/Nov/08 ‐ Added round-robin DNS for DNS-over-TLS service including both servers located in germany.
  • 2020/Nov/07 ‐ Official start of public beta test offering DoH, DoT and DNScrypt services.


Use of this service is at your own risk. Under no circumstances will the operator be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever (including, without limitation, any direct or indirect damages for loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information) resulting or arising directly or indirectly from accessing or otherwise using this service. The operator does not guarantee in any way the access, availability and continuity of the functioning of this service. By using this website and service you consent to the disclaimer and agree to its terms and conditions. By using Cloudflare this website stores a cookie, created and evaluated by Cloudflare. This cookie is strictly necessary for Cloudflare's security features and cannot be turned off.

Service list

Service IPv4 IPv6 Port Loc. Access Remarks
DNS 2a03:4000:1d:998:10:: 53 DE closed Please register to get access.
DNS 2001:8d8:1801:305::1 53 DE closed Please register to get access.
DNS 2607:f1c0:1800:1e3::1 53 US closed Please register to get access.
DNS 2001:ba0:1800:8153::1 53 ES closed Please register to get access.
DNS 2a00:da00:1800:5a::1 53 UK closed Please register to get access.
DNS-over-HTTPS 443 DE open Strict TLS SNI only
DNS-over-HTTPS 443 DE open Strict TLS SNI only
DNS-over-HTTPS 443 US open Strict TLS SNI only
DNS-over-HTTPS 443 ES open Strict TLS SNI only
DNS-over-HTTPS 443 GB open Strict TLS SNI only
DNS-over-TLS 2a03:4000:1d:998:10:: 853 DE open TLS hostname:
DNS-over-TLS 2001:8d8:1801:305::1 853 DE open TLS hostname:
DNS-over-TLS 2607:f1c0:1800:1e3::1 853 US open TLS hostname:
DNS-over-TLS 2001:ba0:1800:8153::1 853 ES open TLS hostname:
DNS-over-TLS 2a00:da00:1800:5a::1 853 GB open TLS hostname:
DNScrypt 2a03:4000:1d:998:10:: 8443 DE open sdns://AQMAAAAAAAAADjE4NS4xODMuMTU2Ljg1ABBwaGRuczEubG9uZXQub3Jn
DNScrypt 2001:8d8:1801:305::1 8443 DE open sdns://AQMAAAAAAAAACzUwLjcuMTI0LjI0ABBwaGRuczIubG9uZXQub3Jn
DNScrypt 2607:f1c0:1800:1e3::1 8443 US open sdns://AQMAAAAAAAAADTIzLjIzNy41OC4xMjEAEHBoZG5zMy5sb25ldC5vcmc
DNScrypt 2001:ba0:1800:8153::1 8443 ES open sdns://AQMAAAAAAAAADjgyLjIyMy4xMTQuMTcyABBwaGRuczQubG9uZXQub3Jn
DNScrypt 2a00:da00:1800:5a::1 8443 GB open sdns://AQMAAAAAAAAADDc3LjY4LjExNi4yMgAQcGhkbnM1LmxvbmV0Lm9yZw
 The recommended services with lowest latency at your location are highlighted in bold.


You have to configure a custom dynamic DNS service (i.e. in your router or firewall) for accessing restricted services. In order to register for this free service send an inquiry containing your desired username for dynamic DNS or your static IP address (range). The dynamic host is derrived from your username and will be like Currently only users with an IPv4 address can apply.


Service status

All five servers have served 445,490 DNS queries from clients in the past 24 hours. About 25.3% of these queries have been filtered for advertising, tracking or malware. The current privacy level for all servers is set to maximum privacy. This indicates that all servers operate in anonymous no logging mode where no client IPs or client requests are logged.

Curently 23 of 23 services are operational. You can check the status and 90 days uptime history of all services provided at the status page.

Current DE phdns1 DE phdns2 US phdns3 ES phdns4 GB phdns5
Filter status Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
IPv4 connectivity
IPv6 connectivity
Cache latency 0 ms 7 ms